Developer is the king

Well I am almost trying to over emphasise the point and putting developer over everyone else but I am sure you know what I mean. Developer has to be one of the most important people to make comfortable and motivated. Unfortunately more often than not in these big organisations they are not considered high up in the value chain.

Most of the business, IT and devops groups within the organisation do lots of things as they think it will help them without considering developer as the critical stakeholder. A few examples:

  • There are occasions in which moving developer machine to VM may impact productivity. So make sure if you decide this then there is absolutely no impact to developers productivity. Last thing you want is dissatisfied developer who is waiting for hours for his build to compile due to network issues
  • Provide them with lots of RAM for the machine so multiple applications which are needed for modern day development can be opened together
  • Make decisions on TDD, BDD or the likes with developers consultation. This includes jUnit strategy as well
  • Documentation: decision to do too little or exhaustive documentation without asking developer on what they want
  • Not defining any recognition platform for the developers
  • Not providing any process where developer can innovate like innovation week or day a week for non project or the likes
  • Not providing career path for them

Please share any thing else you have seen based on your experience.


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