Are we moving towards NOOPS


Forrester defines NoOps as:

The goal of completely automating the deployment, monitoring, and management of applications and the infrastructure on which they run.
What does NoOps consists off ?

  • Bursting into the cloud – Automated bursting in the cloud for big events and sale, thus less operational planning needed
  • Self provisioning – Self provisioning of test, staging and production capacity rather than current manual provisioning
  • Automated testing during deployments
  • Alerts based mindset rather than monitoring based mindset – This doesn’t mean there is no monitoring but once any parameter changes in the monitoring landscape, automatic alerts (email, sms) need to be generated which can be acted upon rather than say 20 people seating on the machine staring at those graphs

In summary, DevOps is collaboration and NoOps is automation.
NoOps is the next stage and evolution of DevOps. You just move the collaboration further in the lifecycle i.e. in the engineering phase. NoOps is not about “Not having Ops”, it is more about eliminating manual low value handoffs.


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