In most of the organisations you will have permanent people, contractors and partners (suppliers). Then there is a further division of program manager, business analyst, business , SME, architects, developers, testers and the likes.

One thing which is extremely important is that you need to work as ONE TEAM. Yes ONE TEAM. As soon as you start to differentiate between employees and partners or employees and contractors, you will have extremely difficult times.

ONE TEAM mindset creates the values outlined below in the team and the company

  • Collaborative everyone works as a team and owns the success together. Leverage the strengths of the team.
  • Open and Fearless Admit weakness without fear, give feedback to colleagues without fear and try and do things without fear to fail. This is what will build trust
  • Creative create maximum value for people , group, and brand by deploying innovative ideas and approaches
  • Accountable Personal choice to rise above what is doable and demonstrate ownership for achieving results      

There are a few places where I have seen people drifting from one team mindsets.

  • Companies do not include partners and contractor in budget discussion. Majority of the CAPEX budget comes from partners, so what is the point in not involving them in the discussion and making a joint accountability?
  • Business conducting separate meetings on high priority scope without involving IT. A classic recipe for confusion
  • Conducting delivery , risks and issues meetings without business in the room. This creates a blame culture where any failure business will blame IT as they were not be involved in the process
  • Partners doing internal status checkpoints without involving customers. Well, in the end who is impacted is customer so why not involve them in the checkpoints

Yes I agree there is a fine line and there are times when you have to isolate and do one off meetings but that should be exception. Also there is a risk that you expose too much of each others weakness which can be used against each other when things are not going well. But my preference is being positive and working as one team rather than worrying about negative things and hiding things


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