Begin with the end in Mind

This is all about imagination and framing the right vision. Never embark on a digital journey for enterprises before framing the vision. We are talking about an enterprise who has more than 100 developers and who does more than 10,000 orders in peak hour. Do we want to impact the end users with “just starting” on this journey without considering where we are going?

A strong suggestion is to start with a vision or a blueprint phase. The objective of this phase is to establish a foundation that describes the scope boundaries and a high level solution. Specifically

  • Business context diagram –  Diagram provides a visual representation of the functional scope of the programme.  This will be used as a tool throughout the programme to show information such as:
    • Requirements coverage to date
    • Scope on a release by release basis
    • Scope for “Day One”
  • Design macro technology architecture. Goal is to make sure you know which systems are involved, including the main platform(s), legacy and all 3rd party like recommendation engine or ratings and review provider and the likes
  • Creative concept for the Omni channel journey. This will form the basis of the UX and Creative work which we will do throughout the lifecycle
  • Impacts to the legacy applications
  • Spike or proof of concept for the complicated interfaces or concepts
  • High level roadmap
  • Program budget in terms of either days, points, timeline or some combination of each of this
  • Governance model and ways of working

At a high level this phase needs to be around 2 – 5% of the total time you spend on the product.

This is the phase where we come up with an initial hypothesis by pushing boundaries and challenging each other. Now the rest of the journey is about validating and changing this hypothesis as we go.



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